Ооочень срочно! Помогите, умоляю((

Ооочень срочно! Помогите, умоляю((

Ооочень срочно! Помогите, умоляю((
27 июня 2020

Ооочень срочно! Помогите, умоляю((


Про какой праздник написать?


My best holiday.

I had a best holiday in my life.It was 31 December 2017 year.It was New Year’s Eve and I spent time with my family and friends.The 31th was the best day in my life as for this short time I had a lot of impressions.On 31th I sat the whole day at home,because we were visited by our relatives and my friends and we had the Happy New Year.

On New Year’s Eve our kin were calling on us and we celebrated New year together,by the whole family.We were visited by my grandparents,aunts,uncles,cousins and even by uncle Maksim!He is undercover agent and always has missions in different countries.The last time he was in New Zeland for salvation of duckbills.A lot of poachers had killed them for sale their scarecrows.Then came in my friends: Lera and Dima.This was very unbelivable that everybody visited us!

My mother baked a chicken with her special recipe of her great-grandmother and of course,traditional salads Olivie and “Seledka pod Shuboy”.When chimes began to beat each other,we wrote our wishes,set on fire and threw the dirt in glasse of champagne.That’s all,this was the beginning of New 2018th Year!

In conclusion,I think that phrase “People make happier people” is real!I had the best holiday in my life only thanks my close people and each of them made me at least a little happier,and in the future I will try to create similar event for already my children!

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