Тест с ответами по английскому языку для 11 класса

Тест с ответами по английскому языку для 11 класса

Тест с ответами по английскому языку для 11 класса
21 сентября 2016

1. Which word CANNOT go in the space? ____ are talking very loudly!

2. Complete the sentence. The girl ___ cycling to school.

3. Complete the sentence. My husband and I ____ staying here for a long time.

4. Which question is correct?
What you doing?
Where is she working?
Where you are staying?

5. Which is the correct reply? Where’s James?
He works in his office.
He’s working in his office.
He is work in his office.

6. Where can you write lives?
My aunt ____ in Scotland.
I ___ near Birmingham.
Alice and Emma ____ in Ireland.

7. Where can you write don’t?
I ___ have a car.
It ___ rain much in Mexico.
Paul ___ like coffee.

8. Which word goes in the space? ___ you live near here?

9. Which sentence is correct?
My parents does the shopping on Saturdays.
Maria haves a brown dog.
Tom goes to work on Sundays.

10. Which is the correct answer to this question? Does your sister work here?
Yes, she have.
No, she doesn’t.
Yes, she do.

11. Which word(s) completes the sentence? Would you like ____ to my house for dinner?
to come
for to come

12. In which sentence can you write would like?
I ____ like pizza. It’s my favourite food.
I ____ playing tennis with my friends.
I ____ to work with animals in the future

13. Which sentence is NOT correct?
I wouldn’t like own a dog.
I’d love some chocolate cake!
I wouldn’t like any more tea, thank you.

14. Which question is correct?
Your brother would like a new car?
Would your friends like to come to dinner too?
Do you would like a drink?

15. Which is the best answer to this question? Would you like a biscuit? I like tea.
I like tea.
Yes, please.
Yes, I’d.

16. Complete this sentence. My husband _____ bananas. He eats one every day.
would like
would eat

17. Complete this question. _____you like listening to classical music?

18. Complete this question. When ________ to visit us?
you would like
would you like
do you like

19. In which sentence can you write like?
I ____ to study engineering when I finish school.
I really ____ scary films!
I ____ a hamburger and a coke, please.

20. Complete the sentence. This part of the city looks dangerous! I wouldn’t like ____ here when it’s dark!
I come
to come

21. Complete the sentence. I _____ leave at half past three.
must to
have to
has to

22. Complete the sentence. My mum ____ work any more. She’s retired.
hasn’t to
not have to
doesn’t have to

23. Complete the sentence. Alan ______ work on Sundays.
not have to
hasn’t to
doesn’t have to

24. Complete the question. _____ to go to the meeting?
Does Laura have
Has Laura
Does Laura has

25. Which sentence uses have to incorrectly?
Visitors don’t have to feed the tigers, it’s dangerous.
You don’t have to leave yet, it’s only three thirty.
My uncle is so rich that he doesn’t have to work.

26. Which sentence is NOT correct?
Have you to catch the train now?
Do you have to cook tonight?
What time do you have to go home?

27. Complete the question. What time _____________ to be at the station tomorrow?
do we have
we do have
have we

28.Which sentence is correct?
Which sentence is correct?
We haven’t to wear a school uniform.
We don’t have to go to school on Wednesday afternoons.

29. Which sentence has a similar meaning? You don’t have to fill in this form.
You must not fill in this form.
It’s not necessary to fill in this form.
You don’t have the correct form.

30. Which sentence has a similar meaning? I have to be home by eight o’clock.
I can’t go home until eight o’clock.
I must go home before eight o’clock.
I don’t have to go home until eight o’clock.

31. Which word goes in the space? How ____ is your Dad?

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